Sunday, February 18, 2007

weaverknits for all!

Exciting news-- the first pattern we've written up will be published in the MagKnits May issue! Free patterns, yup, fantastic stuff.

On the right is a photo of Rowan Plaid, a sleeve for the pullover Tidal Wave in the Plaid Collection book. Even though I though Plaid looked hideous in the ball, I took a chance and purchased a bag of it on sale after seeing a garment knit from it. I believe it is called a "marled yarn," which in itself is unattractive (we have family friends with a cottage that sits on the shore of a "marl-bottomed lake." Marl is a quicksand-like slimy, gritty mud).

The finished product, however, looks fantastic, I think. I have both sleeves and the back done and should have a finished sweater next week.

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