Friday, March 21, 2008

Vote Weaverknits

Alert! Free Pattern for Absolutely Fierce Armwarmers is HERE!

I may or may not be wearing them today, to, you know, test them before I send them to Beth The Otherweaver. If I were, I would tell you all about how they stay up, and are so soft and super warm, allowing me to wear a lovely short-sleeved tunic in Cold New Job today.

I've decided to take part in a contest. Recall that I am a beginning lace knitter. My first impulse, before holding my skein of Trenna in my hand, was to make a hat or cardigan or something other than a shawl with the yarn, something unexpected and profoundly chic in its unexpectedness. Then I got the yarn, which is laceweight if ever there was laceweight. So I decided to do the shawl/scarf thing, but set myself parameters:

1. Must be wearable by many for many occasions. This, to me, meant not making a huge-ass shawl. I decided on a wide scarf. Mine will be very long, hopefully about 9 feet, but it can easily be made shorter by working fewer pattern repeats.

2. Must be easy and fast. So easy and fast that much progress can be made while watching TV. Even good TV. Like the new show Ax Men on the History Channel. Or DVDs of The Wire.

3. Must somehow make use of traditional patterns or design, rathern than simply representing a selection from a stitch dictionary.
Well, I'm just posting a tease picture here, but rest assured that I've succeeded. If my pattern is a finalist, it will be up on the little knits site for your votes! If it wins, it will be available through little knits. If not, I'm going to make it available as a PDF for a nominal price. I am working to make lace FIERCE! And EASY! WHAT COULD BE BETTER?

Since my color choice in Trenna was grey, I'm adding a little you-know-what as a finishing touch. My new friend stinkyfromage on Ravelry sent me this adorable little package containing just enough leftovers from one of her projects to give this scarf that Grellow Magic.



nicole said...

Grellow will be the new black.

Thanks for the great pattern!

A Homely Heroine said...

Exciting! Good Luck!

seephillips said...

Here here! Fierce, easy lace!