Saturday, August 7, 2010


Thursday was the Guumon show at the Jamaica Plain Art Market. If you're in the Boston area, it will be up until August 15! Here's a glimpse of all the Custom Guus made by different artists.

Check out more photos of the event on my Flickr page, and on the Guumon page.

And look, I found time to knit a washrag for a wedding gift!

I started a second one, too, but it languished in my bag for too long and turned into a snarl.

Then I was too sick to go to the wedding today.

That is all.


choo choo knits said...

hope you're feeling better - summer illnesses are the pits!

Stephanie said...

That's so sad that you weren't able to attend the wedding. Being sick in the summer is the pits. My DH was sick a couple of weeks ago and he was miserable. I like the colors of the washcloth, so I hope the happy couple was able to receive it.

craftivore said...

Bummer about missing out on the wedding. Being sick in the summer seems so wrong somehow, hope you're feeling better.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Oh dear, I hope you're feeling better. And what a shame to miss the wedding.
But that dishrag is gorgeous!