Sunday, October 3, 2010

Automobile Trauma and Seattle Trip

Seeing that I'll be in Seattle from next Tuesday through Sunday, I decided to get into work as quickly as possible on Friday to try to accomplish as much as I could before leaving. So I took the car to cut my commute time in half.

And the car died.

In the left turn lane, in an intersection, on a very busy avenue, during rush hour. With my hazards on, while enduring honking and screaming and verbal abuse, I attempted to call AAA, Chris, and work, all the while screaming back at passing cars that NO I CANNOT MOVE MY CAR DON'T YOU THINK I WOULD IF I COULD, MY CAR IS DEAD. Twenty thoroughly traumatic minutes later, minutes that included a truck sideswiping my car while verbally abusing me, a cop arrived and helped diffuse some of the verbal abuse, followed by a heavyset grumpy man (whom I considered a superhero) from Boston Public Works, who used a tremendous truck to pull my poor Volvo from the intersection, followed by the tow truck.

After that experience, the $618 repair bill didn't cause me the slightest bit of stress. It was actually a relief to know that I now have a car in perfect working order that I can drive to Rhinebeck (yes, I'll have books with me), and then to Ithaca the next weekend for a trunk show at Knitting Etc.

But Tuesday I leave for Seattle! I'll be talking to the Knitter's Guild on Wednesday evening (Oct. 6... the blurb about my talk says, "Punk Rock, Bread, and Classic Design with a Twist," which I LOVE) about my experiences designing and self-publishing (and, of course, have all sorts of knits to try on and books to purchase), and then I'll have my books and garments at Little Knits for a trunk show and workshops on Thursday and Saturday. So if you're in the Seattle area, stop by! You can read more details here.

Saturday was my first trunk show, at Windsor Button... above are a few shots of the display. Thanks to everyone who came by! It was so much fun!


Thea said...

The display looks awesome! I'm sorry I couldn't make it. Hope it was fun. Ugh on the nightmare traffic story - and have a great trip to Seattle.

I'll be looking for you at Rhinebeck!!

Kelly-ann said...

So sorry about your car trouble - that sounds very stressful. I just finished reading Brave New Knits last night. I love the write-up on you and your pattern is awesome :) Enjoy your time in Seattle!

hannah said...

I totally knew where that first photo was taken based on the color of the "table cloth".

Your Seattle trip is so soon! Yay!

AmyPinSeattle said...

Oh man, that SUCKS! People can be so ridiculous with traffic!! Hopefully the a&& that swiped you got caught?

Glad the car is in great working order! I'm still waiting to see the cost to get mine back (not dead, just rodents that moved in under the hood)!

I'm not a member of the Seattle Knitter's Guild, but I'm going to join since you are the speaker this week!! Can't wait!!

Rainy Daisy said...

Hooray for trunk show - HOLY CRAP to car! We once drove on a very flat tire on the Mass Pike to avoid that same situation. I can't believe you survived that.

Have fun in Seattle! I won't make it, but I'll bet the west coast is buzzing with more creativity than usual while you're here!

choo choo knits said...

I will also be looking for you at Rhinebeck - hooray! Can't wait to meet you in person finally.

And wow - what a story - glad it all worked out in the end (or, at least, you're ok and the car is ok)

craftivore said...

Now that sounds like a shitty day. The display looks great.

Hope I see you in Rhinebeck!