Thursday, September 22, 2011

The box felt like a cinderblock

The wait is over and I have my copy. The only other book I've preordered and then anticipated with such impatience was The Pale King by David Foster Wallace.

It's absolutely overwhelming. The cover is beautiful, the paper quality is exquisite, it's HEAVY. (I recommend splurging a little and getting the hard copy.) In order to properly digest it, I've ordered the edition of Moby-Dick that Matt used for this project in order to read it with the drawings. I'm hoping to create the ideal Moby-Dick experience for this period in my life, when my own work is also connected to the novel.

Now, as a result of my plans to wrestle my life and environment into something that is not threatening to destroy my marriage and my sanity, I need to remove three things from the apartment. Rule: One thing in, three things out.

The first thing out is 11 skeins of Berroco Inca Gold. This yarn is soft and durable, and shiny, too.
$35 plus $10 shipping. SOLD! You guys are FAST!

Next up: One of my favorite yarns these days, Briar Rose Fibers Abundance. I used this yarn for Vert & Horiz in Craft Work Knit, and this skein is enough to make sizes XS-L. Abundance is also featured in White Whale Vol. 1. As much as I love this skein, it's time for me to design with another of Briar Rose's multitude of bases. $18 plus $8 shipping. SOLD!!!

Finally, a 60/40 Merino/bamboo blend from Yarn Hollow, a talented indie dyer from Michigan. This is a gorgeous hank of yarn, 620 yards, enough for a vest or fabulous shawl. $10 plus $7 shipping. SOLD!!!

Interested? Email me at And that concludes today's in-and-out, grey/purple themed destash.


Meganne Fabrega said...

I need to order that for my man for Christmas! He read MOBY DICK for the first time last year. I think Kish's work is very inspiring.

Junebug said...

Since you are deep into your Moby Dick phase, I have to tell you about another, equally fabulous book related to the topic. Sarah Jeter Naslund, based on small mentions of Ahab's wife in Moby Dick, wrote an entire book about her called "Ahab's Wife.". I loved this book. It starts out...."Captain Ahab's was neither my first husband nor my last.". Intriguing!

random said...

Book and Candles pattern look great.

Ellen Bloom said...

But what about "Craft Activism." You're IN that book! Thanks so much for modeling my Granny Greenbag in such a perfect way!!