Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beltway MADNESS!

Just back from the Baltimore/DC/Alexandria area, a whirlwind of learning, teaching, photo shoots, design planning, and yarn acquisition. I'm still tired enough to be having trouble with my words, so enjoy the photos!

I took a dyeing workshop with Karida of Neighborhood Fiber Co. at Fibre Space. Here you can see Karida in her chef's jacket taking a look at some of our work. Note the color wheel on the left. I learned about color in a new way—how to layer to create different shades, hues, and semi-solid effects.

Here are some of our colors. Which do you think are mine? Ha!

(Yep. The grellow on the right and what I'm calling the Institutional Green in the back. I am predictable.)

I also met Kate of Dragonfly Fibers in her studio, where she was setting up for a big party on Saturday, Feb. 11. Although I couldn't make it to the party, I got to see LOTS of yarn. Kate has a huge range of colors, from subdued to neon and from nearly-solid to intensely variegated. We've planned several collaborative projects (using the colors I've linked above).

Some of the yarn:

One of the projects will involve two skeins of her Squishy Lace, in Rocky Top (top) and Hidalgo (bottom). I've affectionately named them Rusty Tanker 1 and Rusty Tanker 2.

One more photo of some of her yarns drying. I'll be making a project from the subdued color on the back of the drying rack, called Winter Woods. It's even better in person than on the website.

More soon—it will be some time before I've exhausted content from last week's adventures, at which point I'll be able to share a new design!


Teleri said...

Want. to. own. big. pot. too.

Great pictures, great yarn. Reminds my of the two skeins soaking in my kitchen at the moment. In a teeny-tiny pot.

Sam said...

Wowow! I wish I could have yarn adventures like yours! Fun to follow. x

green butterfly said...

Dear Ann, WOW these are some major dye pots! Soup du jour anyone? Jennifer

A Crafty Lawyer said...

I took that same workshop the day before you did - it was great!

Kate said...

It was great to have you at the studio! Looking forward to more fun!