Monday, June 11, 2012


Chittagong, the first Container Ships Club pattern, is available! All of you who have signed up for the club should have received it. The pattern is also available for $5 as an individual pdf:

Interested in the entire club? Here it is for $13:

Interested in ordering the yarn I used for Chittagong? Kate, the mastermind behind Dragonfly Fibers, is taking special orders for two skeins of Squishy Lace and offering free shipping. This means that you get the yarn for this project for $40. Seriously. Check it out here. You can pick any two colors
you like.

Also live: EURO CUP 2012! Two games every day, and surprises already (Denmark wins against the Netherlands! I must hurry to finish my Oranje-inspired design this year if they aren't going to advance. Wait, maybe the Oranje don't deserve a special design if they don't advance).

I'm breaking up this work (a 600-page book for Microsoft press; if you're waiting to hear from me, this is why you haven't)

with this "work" (knitting, beer, pancakes, UF collectible Nutella juice class).

Is anyone else watching? GO GERMANY!!!


LisaBe said...

omg it all makes sense now. you're a writer (editor?), and *i'm* an editor. i was a technical writer for a billion years. no wonder i love you so much.
--your fangirl.

kiki said...

Yeah! I´m totally addicted to the "Euro". Have fun watching.

Mneme said...

Of course I am - but no wonder as a German girl ... so Wednesday is Oranje vs Germany! (I will wear some black red golden clothes at some PUBlic viewing ... so much more fun than alone at home).

Christiane said...

Same here kiki -> watching 2 games almost every day (well, didnt make it today and missed the first 20 min ) and now i have to walk the dogs (? right expression?). But there will be a second game today. Have fun everybody!

Btw: the second 'work' looks a lot more amusing than the first one ;-))

Junebug said...

There must be something about being a knitter and a writer. My day job is medical writing.....fortunately freelance. My motto is "work less, knit more!"

CanarySanctuary said...

It's entirely possible that I'm missing something, but Nutella juice? That sounds like what they drink in heaven when the Ambrosia's had an off year. Nutella juice, mmmmmm....