Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A two-pattern day

106th, a cardigan in the Deep Fall issue of knitty, live today:

Happy tenth anniversary, knitty! Being in this issue was particularly special because my first published design appeared in knitty five years ago: Neiman. There have been many more since.

And Traffic Furniture, something a few of you might recognize from my square shawls class:

For the next month, Traffic Furniture is exclusive to Zauberwiese, where you can purchase the download (and the yarn to go with it!). The site is in German, but the pattern is in English. Promise! In October it will be part of a self-published accessories book, too.

Today was satisfying.

Two patterns.
Mulva the 98 Volvo passes inspection—roadworthy for another year!
Reggae on the way home.

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Unknown said...

congrats on everything! can't wait to see you next month and hear all about your travels!