Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Festive Panic

Countdown to Baltimore: T-minus 3 weeks. We have acquired an apartment, sight unseen. No living out of our car for us, no sir!

In the meantime, INSANITY!

This year we have eschewed our usual Christmas tree for a makeshift holiday shrine:

Under that shrine there are now a few very small presents. Anything Chris and I give or receive has to be packed and moved, so present choices were based on size.

Before the move, I'll be visiting my family in Michigan and having some knitting events at my hometown yarn store, Country Needleworks. I'll be signing books on Friday, December 28, from 10 am to 2 pm, and will be teaching on January 2. I'll have White Whale Vol. II, Cityscapes, individual Container Ships patterns, and samples from all these publications. In addition, Country Needleworks will be carrying the Neighborhood Fiber Co. kits for The Sermon (the only store to have them!). Come check out the colors in person before you make your selection!

Amid all this, I've found time to knit someone else's design: Syrinx Shells by Alicia Landi. The pattern is for a cowl that uses one skein of bulky yarn, but I've turned it into a long, cozy scarf.

When I saw Jeremie, one of the students in my most recent triangle shawl class, wearing one, I had to have it. The pattern is so much cooler than most bulky stuff out there. Also: I LOVE KNITTING THINGS I AM NOT DESIGNING! I knit this in a few hours of television watching, so there's plenty of time to crank out a few in time for the holidays!

Now, back to work, packing, knitting, writing.


Alicia Landi said...

I love the color combo on your scarf! :) Good luck with your move.

Thea said...

Good Luck in your new digs! I'll miss knowing that you are nearby, although will probably see you at the festivals just as much :)

craftivore said...

What? You're moving to Baltimore? Hope that you have a wonderful and not so panic-y holidays.

Melissa said...

Love your patterns on Knitty. Now I have a reason to comment: I'm in Baltimore (Charles Village), and have been since 2007. Welcome! The city can be maddening but wonderful too. Lots of creative goings-on.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Hope you're all moved in and settled! Welcome home! By the way, I have a very cool, very good friend who lives in Baltimore, and I'd love to introduce you. Email me for details if you like. :)

Junebug said...

Hope you are sorta settled in Baltimore now. Hope you start blogging again soon......miss you!

Junebug said...

Hope you are sorta settled in Baltimore now. Hope you start blogging again soon......miss you!