Saturday, June 29, 2013

At Your Service!

I got a new gig as a waiter for a company that staffs banquets and other large events! (It's a slow time for copyediting, and Ann gots to get paid.) It's nice to know I can send out a resume and have work two days later. You can't freelance if you can't hustle.

I went to Burlington Coat Factory and purchased the smallest tux pants, vest, and shirt I could find. When Chris saw me trying these on when I got home, he cooed, "Who's my wittle man?" The vest is pinned in preparation for alterations in this photo.

I spent last night hemming the pants and altering the vest so I don't present a totally absurd spectacle at my first event tonight (check out how much I had to alter the vest! And it still doesn't look good on me!).

Meanwhile, our house is undergoing a nearly complete rewire. It's a construction site. The seller is paying for it, but our lives are unsettled by the dust and rubble.

Unexpected house remodeling before we fully moved in! The horror!

Off to shower and work a banquet!

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ksiti said...

I worked catering as a third job for three years. It's a great way to make money when you need it. Nice and flexible, and you can say no when your other work picks up! Or you can say yes and buy more yarn!