Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Red Fruit Jelly

Sometimes really amazing and unexpected things come out of my work. The most recent example is Red Fruit Jelly, a swing-knit shawl that Birgit Fitzke (Fadenzaubereien) created based on Chittagong.

Birgit has written the pattern for her version, which you can purchase here. Note that this pattern is intended for experienced swing-knitters. Right now it's only available in German, but an English translation is in the works. Check out the different versions knitters have created here.

Here's one of my favorites (I can't resist anything in these colors).

These are unbelievable! Like Alice-in-Wonderland versions of my original idea. It's an honor to have provided the initial impetus for this work.


Birgit Fitzke said...

Hi Ann, finally I released the pattern for the swing- knitted chittagong in German - the translation in english is on the way. Sorry, but only for experienced swing-knitters. There are so much basic information required to go along.
Your chosen one is meant to be a wallhanging without the tussles - and I agree with you - I love those colors.
Thank you so much for your first idea and your consent to give this idea another way.

Birgit Fitzke said...

It's an honor to me to just am allowed to base my idea on yours. Thank you so much - I think that's the way ideas go around the world.

YOUR favored sample is meant to be a wallhanging without the tassels and knitted with a mixture of at least four strands at a time. That will be a quite exciting experience to Maike herself as well.

Good luck with your extraodinary patterns - and I will look at them with the eye of a swing-knitter in secret.

craftivore said...

Wow, how fantastically crazy and wonderful.