Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today in Baltimore, and Early Adopters Requests

The feral cat who looks like wood:


Mini skeins from Three Fates Yarns (I get to knit something from these as a reward for getting the Work done):

Since Traffic Furniture was such an Early Adopter success, I'm taking requests for the next pattern that will be promoted at a seriously discounted price to encourage knitters to try it. In the running are Powel,  Big Top, Button Coil, and Honeycomb Shawl. Leave a comment telling me which you'd like to see promoted!


Pamela said...

Powell is the one.

Debbie said...

Button Coil, please please please!

love2stitch said...

Button Coil and Honeycomb are my faves

sherylswool said...

Powel Please :)

Beth Mak said...

Button Coil for me!