Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Louise and Linear Systems

Louise has been putting in some hours at the Neighborhood Fiber Co. studio over the past few weeks in preparation for upcoming shows! Never again will she say "Hey, just make kits for that project!" because she now understands the amount of labor that goes into producing a lot of little skeins (winding, hanking, tagging, bagging).

Last week involved a transition from Neighborhood Fiber Co. outfit

to Louise uniform for working at a fancy dinner at a temple in the Baltimore suburbs. Shabbat shalom!

Kol ha kavod, Louise.

In case you missed it (I nearly did), I have a new FREE pattern available from Spud & Chloe, Linear Systems:

It's knit in Spud & Chloe Fine (check out the colors! I love working with Spud & Chloe!). I wish I had a modeled photo, but this will have to do for now. It was inspired by some images of textbook covers in the book Iron Curtain Graphics:

The busyness continues around here. Next up: a post about Vogue Knitting Live Chicago and a Veterans Day promotion.

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