Sunday, August 26, 2007

Road Trip

WEBS. It was my first time, and nothing my friend Hannah said could have prepared me for the wonder of it. I purchased this:That's enough Reynolds Whiskey to make the Enid cardigan, a design I've always loved... when I saw the richly layered colors and felt the softness of the Whiskey, it was over. It's also enough Silky Wool to make the Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan in just about any size, since I may make it for myself or as a gift, a skein of Fibre Company Terra for a Christmas present hat, four skeins of Jaeger baby wool for a tomten, some lovely balls of Jaeger Siena cotton for another present, a cone of green warp yarn, and two very large cones of Harrisville 2/8 Shetland for weaving that were $10 each.

The total? $162. I was yelling "oh my GOD! HANNAH! OH MY GOD!!!" and jumping up and down when the nice lady at the register told me.

This should keep me occupied for a while.

In the meantime, here are Chris' feet in his new short socks and cycling shoes. I'm so proud that he likes handknit socks the best for riding. These are the first in the "series" he requested. It's lovely to be appreciated.

And thanks to everyone for all the nice comments about my 30th birthday! My motto for my 30s is "no deterioration!" There's no reason we can't just get better and better with age.


nicole said...

Holy crap, you're hit the motherload!!! Nice stash-enhancement. Can't wait to see you start Enid.

I love those cycling socks. I don't know why it never dawned on me to knit myself a bunch (I bike to work everyday)

Macoco said...

Wow, that's a lot of great yarn! Sounds like a very good trip.

Bambi said...

Let it snow. Let it snow. You are prepared. What a lovely collage of color, texture, and density. Well done.

Jill said...

ANN! What is your new email? I have class list for you! help!