Thursday, August 2, 2007

But she just don't like her boring job no!

I'll open with the good news and the show-off photos of my beautiful family, both in and out of handknits. Chris has noted that there are more photos of my Dud on the blog than of him and is honestly a bit hurt. To remedy this, he modeled his "Filey" sweater from Alice Starmore's "Fisherman's Sweaters" for me after work today, despite highs over 95 degrees! I made it for his birthday last year, from about 22 balls of Den-M-Knit. It's my second Fisheman's Sweater, and I just love it.

I'll post a photo of the two of us at my cousin Jason's wedding this past weekend as well!

In knitting news, I'm working on a Tomten jacket for one of my cousins, who will have a baby in November. It's going to be a boy, and I chose colors from my stash of Cotton-Ease (some of which was hoarded during the "it's going to be discontinued!" panic of about a year and a half ago and some of which is new "oh, look, it's back and the colors are so nice!" acquisitions) that are fun yet sophisticated. I think this color scheme will make their doughy Dutch baby look like it has better vocabulary than the other babies. I should have it done in a few days.

Aside from all this good stuff, my job has taken a turn for the yucky very, very quickly, a turn that appeared to promise more responsibility, some note about my extreme administrative skills, and, with that new responsibility, more money. Instead, I got more work. Just.... a lot.... more. No thank you, no money. When I found this out from my middle-managers, I decided, well, screw it. And didn't change out of the boots I wore to work.

Interestingly, I got a few compliments from the MDs about my outfit that day. The Clash has been the soundtrack for the last few days. Career Opportunities.


Macoco said...

Ohhh that is not right that you get more work.......and that's it, just more work! I hope things turn around there or something fabulous comes your way.

Your man must truly love you for putting on a sweater in this weather. That just speaks volumes of his devotion for your handknits.

Bambi said...

The Tomten sweater is is your precious Chris. What a guy!

nicole said...

- Love the "Filey" sweater (Alice Starmore rocks)
- Love Chris showing wool love even in this crazy heat
- Love love love the darling wedding pic
- DON'T love how crappy things have gotten for you at work. You keep on wearing your shit-kicking boots till they show you some respect!