Sunday, July 29, 2007

So I'm no big Tom Boonan

But, considering that this was my first time out as a TDF Knit alonger-er, I got a whole lotta Meramid to show for the past three weeks! Keep in mind there is also a completed sleeve, and that I finished about half the right front on the plane on the way home from Michigan today. You can go see the work of all the committed knitters on the Tour KAL blog.

Here's my Dud holding the garment as it was last night. Finishing it is within my grasp. And I love it; it has been worth every stitch.

One problem with bringing this to Michigan? My mom began to speak at length about how she loved it and how flattering it would be on her. And I agree. But that's a LOT of knitting.


Probably Jane said...

That mermaid is going to be spectacular!

Bambi said...

what a cute Dud you have! Oh, the sweater is outstanding as well.
Welcome home.

Macoco said...

Your dad is so cute - I love that he posed with the mermaid.

Jill said...

HEY we miss you! you inspire. Love mermaid. Bring and show and get wanded.
Come to Fiber Revival this weekend in Newbury, see on blog at Yarns in the Farms.
Hey call us, we have some class proposals for you, Perfect Stranger and your HAT...