Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Things are happening. At a rapid pace, too!

Our browser has been down, seriously limiting my posting ability. Here is what has transpired at Haus Weaver Bergh lately.

This Merino/Tencel roving from the Sheep Shed at Mountain View Farm (purchased at NH Sheep and Wool)Is now this:
I used the long-draw method and attained what seems to be a very even sportweight yarn. I only recently dusted off my spinning wheel, and look forward to some handspun/handknit creations in the near future.

There was also a trip to Savers, aka Value Village. WOW. I went with my friends Hannah and Jenny; here we are at Burger King after our shopping spree. I asked a nice man to take our photo. Oh, all those bags we're carrying were empty when we rode the bus to Savers.

We walked back to the West Roxbury bus after another stop at Joanne's fabrics, where I purchased fabric for a trapeze dress I plan to sew this weekend.
I also crocheted baby booties for my upcoming whatever-you-call-it when your cousin's wife has a baby. The pattern is found here, on pimpampum's amazing website. I sized these down, since the first one I made according to her pattern looked like it would fit a 10 year old.
Whew! There's more, too, but I have to keep some for later!


Michele said...

great photos. love the yarn you spun and looks like you had so much fun shopping!

Bambi said...

Do you make the booties in a size 9 woman's? I think I need some!

Greeley said...

Love the yarn you spun. Great photos.

Macoco said...

Ooh the booties are precious.

knitnzu said...

What wicked cute booties! I did some research a couple years back, the kid would be your first cousin, once removed. As would your mom's first cousins (we grew up knowing them as second cousins, but I forget what those really are). My cousin? She said all the talk of removing cousins made her nervous! The reptilian got gushing comments from LYS owner! She said, at the first couple inches into the pattern, she said 'sure Lisa whatever', but as a finished item, she said is stunning!