Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tour de France Knitalong and... BIKEDAY!

I've begun!!! What was once an inch of the first sleeve of Mermaid is now this:
Oh yeah, that's about 2/3 of a sleeve!

Will I finish by July 29th? WHO KNOWS? I do know that Chris and I will be faithfully watching the Tour every day, and that, with his encouragement, I will knit like crazy not only during that time but also while commuting, at lunch, whenever I can. I must be HUNGRY for this victory, for it is indeed a sprint! Check out the Knitalong, and a lot of information on the Tour riders and progress here.
Green Jersey
Which puts me in the Green Jersey (Mailot Vert) cagetory. Whew! I have done a bit of distance running, and more and more biking, but I was certainly never a sprinter! I can experience this new identity through my knitting.

Additionally, due to some extra unexpected income, I will be getting a NEW BIKE this coming Friday. Nothing too fancy, but it will be my first real road bike. Last summer Chris, who's been into cycling for some time, and I began to take longer rides together, anywhere from 10 to 40 miles. While my hybrid, city-commuter type bike is manageable, it slows me down a lot and makes the experience less fun for Chris and myself. I'm not looking to be a super biker, just to be able to ride farther and faster more comfortably. I don't believe in spending a lot on gear until I'm sure that the gear will get a lot of use, but I'm confident about this purchase. Photos to come soon!!!


Greeley said...

Congratulations on the new bike! We should have a local tour de knitting meet-up. Also, there's usually a big tour get together at Cambridge One bar in Harvard Sq towards the end of the tour.

Bambi said...

What excellent timing on the bike! Congratulations. Keep us posted on the sweater sprint. I hope you don't have any big crashes!