Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back on the bike

After considering abandoning Mermaid for a while in favor of making a Tomten jacket for a baby shower that's fast approaching (yes, it will be another Doughy Dutch Baby, but this time I know it will be a boy). However, Chris gave me a pep talk ("NO! You are NOT giving up! I don't want to hear this kind of talk!" and so on), and I picked it right back up. Here it is! I'm to the point I was before ripping, but this time it's correct. Correct is good.On Wednesday, on my new Armadillo tires, I DID make it to Target and purchased the dress. So Wednesday was a sort of Tuesday do-over, with GREAT SUCCESS!!!

One more thing: on the rest day I finished these adorable little guys. They're sized for a 6-month-old, and are going to a friend of my mom's who just had a baby.Like the infant-sized black-grey-white booties I posted a bit ago, these are make from a free pattern at pimpampum's blog. Go see her site; she's quite an artist.


Bambi said...

After arriving in the mail and being admired by the entire neighborhood of grandmas, these adorable booties are lightly stuffed with tissue and in the mail as a gift to their new little wearer. THANK YOU! You are an artist. The primary colors are so happy and fresh. As for the mermaid, better than before. Stunning actually. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the (ok 2nd turn but still) progress on Mermaid! it's looking wonderful, isn't it? the shaping is awesome.

meanwhile I'm curious about that Doughy Dutch Baby. do I have distant relatives out there?

Macoco said...

I'm so glad that the Wednesday version of Tuesday went much better than the original!

oooooh baby booties, so cute.