Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Reptilian!

Check out Lisa's Reptilian (my June Magknits pattern!) here

Lisa's made some suggestions about the Reptilian pattern, particularly the need for a close-up of the pattern stitch and the end portion. Here's a shot I took with indoor lighting to remove the distracting sheen of the yarn. It's actually the photo I submitted to Magknits when I proposed the pattern! I hope this helps. I'll post it to my sidebar right by the link to the Magknits pattern as well.


Bambi said...

Reptilian turned out lovely in that salmon color. What a great idea to use the scarf for a head wrap. The flexibility of the garment makes that a fun option.

Michele said...

great to see a full length photo of this. it looks so pretty and airy.

must knit this.