Sunday, February 17, 2008

We're all Winners.

Since so many of you asked, the buttons on Anise are made from Tagua Nut. You can read about and purchase this eco-friendly product here. However, none seem as cool as mine. Contact Yarns in the Farms if you need a fix!

The stitch pattern on the top portion is double moss stitch. And it's all done! And perfect! The only modification I made was to add about 3 inches of length to each sleeve, since my arms are long in proportion to my bust size.

In other news, the WINNER of my anniversary contest is... Joan! You can find her blog here. A box of yarn, including Socks that Rock, will be headed your way this week. Thanks so much to all of you for your comments. What encouragement to keep blogging!

In progress at the moment: Operation Finish Green Objects. One lace scarf, one pair of socks, one book, which I actually finished the other day and HIGHLY recommend. Tomorrow, which, as President's Day, is a paid holiday in states like Massachusetts (that honor every possible Federal Holiday), will be devoted to watching the Project Runway marathon and working on my entry for Teeny Project Runway. Carry On!


nicole said...

Wow, you sure know how to "make it work!"
Anise is beeyoutifullll!

Enjoy your day off tomorrow. I wish it was also Prime Minister day!

A Homely Heroine said...

Wow, anise looks amazing, and you look amazing in it! Congrats on another perfect fo : )

Joan said...

{{splat}}....sorry, that was me hitting the floor in shock when I got the news. ;-p

Thanks SO much for the contest and I am honored to be the lucky swag winner. Be assured all swag will be treated like gold and greatly appreciated.

PS...Anise is gorgeous, beautiful!

hannah said...

i just adore graham greene. nice hair, by the way, how long has it been like that? we really need to catch up, (i've been sort of on a social sabbatical ever since returning to chicago)it's been too long. how is everything?
we'll talk soon, i now have email at work.

Horse 'n' Round said...

Anise is stunning and looks so comfortable!

Love green stuff, too -- my favorite. (Or was that a hint at the next hair color with St. Paddy's just around the corner...?)

Macoco said...

Anise is beautiful. I love the entire ensemble.

Catherine said...

Anise is gorgeous on you! Love the color.

And I would also like to say thanks for your last post--seeing that pic of you has really motivated me to strength train! I hope to someday look like that as well.

Thanks for the link to Sumptuous, too!

misa said...

Anise is incredible. Girl, you can "make it work". I've also always admired Neiman and now I know who made it thanks to Joan and her blog.

Gitte said...

It looks so great on you! Love it.

Bergère de Lochaber said...

That is a precious knit indeed. Right up my tree. I peek in now and then to see you and your knits and was happy to read you like Boston Terriers. I have one and she is often in my knitting process...hee hee. They are a lovely breed.

Michele said...

your anise is amazing! looks even better than the one in the book. my New Shapes book just arrived yesterday. your styling with this sweater is also great.

Zaz said...

i love your anise, did you write a pattern for it?
the buttons are a beauty :)

lawra♥joni said...


I love that Anise of yours o.o!!

Is there a pattern I could get to make it o.o?