Sunday, October 26, 2008

Totally Out of Control

I had a pretty ugly bike tip-over Saturday while riding to get our "new car" (remember the car shown a month or so ago? Yes? Well, it failed inspection and had to go back to the dealer three times because the "Check Engine" light was on. Luckily in Massachusetts we have a Lemon Law, which means that used cars must pass inspection; if not, it is the dealer's responsibility to fix any problems that come up within the first month of ownership). While at a stop light, in front of a mess of traffic, I leaned over to roll up my left pant leg that was catching on my water bottle cage, lost my balance, and brought myself and my bike crashing to the ground.

I was tired, not feeling well, not up for any of it. Here I am behind 777 Auto, the dealership that sold us New Mulva, with that "my husband is a jerk for suggesting we ride our bikes to get the car" look.

In other news, Fiber is taking over the house. This was my side of the couch Sunday morning.

Ouch. Note the handknit socks, however. It looks a lot worse than this now.

FIBAH! I'm doing a lot of spinning, and am also creating a few super-bulky scarves and cowls from roving for a holiday show and sale at a new gallery and shop called Bead & Fiber. Is there a market out there for such things? The owner of Bead & Fiber seems to think so. Why not.

The "Check Engine" light has been off for two days now. Think positive thoughts for us.


Kat said...


Thanks for the Bead & Fiber link - I'll definitely be checking them out.

ern said...

oof! look at those scrapes!! thats terrible.

yarn is taking over my house currently... I am backed up on orders so I have different skeins for different projects on all surfaces in my apartment so as soon as I finish one, I can grab the next one.

Michele said...

ouch is right.

but i love what you've got going there with the fiber.

and fingers crossed with the car.

redsilvia said...

Well at least if you fall over onto fiber you won't get hurt. That's the only brightside I can come up with. Sorry about the owie.

nicole said...

That sucks. Our old beater is on the fritz too. I hate having a car!

Looking forward to seeing your Bead and Fiber creations!

craftivore said...

Our two cars seem to have to check engine lights on permanently, and one of them they can't seem to figure out what the phantom problem is. I'm with redsilvia, wrap some of the roving around your knees, they'll feel better immediately.

Tink said...

i so totally miss you. Does this mean no more biking around the north shore? Or... does this mean you need to work out the kinks in the car and drive it up to see us at Yarns in the Farms?