Monday, November 3, 2008

In honor of Studs Terkel

Who died Friday at age 96. His book, Working, has been both an inspiration to get to work every day, no matter how ridiculous the job, and a reminder about the inherent unfairness and often soul-crushing nature of said job. Chris and I drank martinis in his honor for most of Saturday afternoon while waiting for an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar to get our Mac Book fixed.

All the martinis and Studs Terkel discussion helped soften the news that our hard drive had died and that the new one was going to be $200.

So the computer is working again, and I must say that Apple customer service is AMAZING. We went from dead computer to live computer in 5 hours, and most of that was spent waiting for our appointment, since it was Saturday afternoon and the mall was packed. Oh, did I say MALL? Yes, that's right, we did the "Real American" thing Saturday and drove our - currently bug free knock wood - car to the mall. God Bless the USA.

Knitting? Yep! Two pairs of Christmas socks done.

Spinning? You got it... that's about 650 yards of my very own handspun.

Can you tell I'm having trouble focusing on larger projects? Only soothing things until tomorrow night. I'll be up until it's over. Let's get out there and make it happen!


ern said...

haha, i cant remember the last time i went to a mall.

the socks are pretty adorable. i'm currently having this problem where i keep starting projects and putting them aside. then starting something else. i have 3 wip's right now which is far more than i've ever had at one time!

KGLO said...

wow...I think I'm drooling a little. Those are all gorgeous. I've been dying to knit with the Noro sock yarn - what is it like? I mean the colors are amazing, but in the ball it's kind of stiff.

And yesh, I love the mac stores. So helpful. I think I'm giving up PCs forever. Last time, we got into this fantastic conversation with the guy about politics and whatnot. We almost invited him out for a beer, but that seemed creepy...

I'll have to look up Studs Terkel and add his book to my stack.

cheers to you and your christmas knitting!

shobhana said...

the blue & yellow socks are cool.