Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear Northwest Airlines,

It was lovely spending 9 hours of December 26 at Detroit Metro Airport thanks to your non-weather-related , completely unexplained delays and cancellations and meeting so many of your employees of varying competence. Above, Chris and I make the best of the Airport Bar experience.

Below, I get quite a bit of knitting done on my second Baby Surprise Jacket. For those of you who noted that this was an addictive project, you were absolutely right. This one is for a baby of as-yet-undetermined sex whose parents are serious deer hunters and all-around outdoorsy people.

To the right of it is a rusty nail. Thanks, Northwest!

Once the Northwest bit was over, however, we had a fun Christmas in Michigan. My mom's Minimalist Cardigan was a perfect fit. Here she is, full length and doing a sort of serious elegant look:

And here is the happy look:

And the first Baby Surprise Jacket was given to the mother-to-be. That baby girl will be fabulous!

We're heading back to Northwest Airlines in about two and a half hours. Send good thoughts our way!


sue said...

Your mum looks very elegant in her jacket. I love the colors you used for the baby surprise jacket too.

Thea said...

The only way to enter or exit the Detroit airport via Northwest is with WAY LOW expectations. Then, you'll only be pleasantly surprised on the off chance things run on time. (I used to fly there all the time for business - ugh. If only I could have had a few rusty nails with my boss....)

The cardi looks lovely on your Mom - and the baby sweaters are great!

crgilvr said...

Your mom is adorable. I want to look like her when I grow up.

Note to self: continue to book Northwest flights through Minneapolis (I generally try to avoid Detroit anyway because the airport is so grotty) -- looks like you made the best of it.

Nettie said...

Your mom is beautiful! You look just like her :D
Her cardi is great, too!

nicole said...

As I've learned from you, there's not much a Rusty Nail can't fix. Still, here's hoping that your trip home goes smoother...

Your mom's cardi is beautiful and she looks simply amazing in it!!!

craftivore said...

Happy 2009! May it be filled with problem free air travel. Your Minimalist Cardi is fab, I've been tempted to make that one myself. What a wonderful gift. A BSJ is always a wonderful thing and you have proven it once again.

Salty Miss Jill said...

New baby will be fabilous-taking after her auntie and her granny.
Wow-rusty nails? I stand (once more) in awe and admiration!
Happy 2009, beautiful!

Carson said...

god how revolting
-being stranded at the airport that is-
your mum is sooo elegant! you've obviously got good genes on your side, what a nice gift for her