Monday, December 15, 2008

On Babies

First of all, THANK YOU for all the lovely comments about my last design! I'm actually wearing it now. I wear it all the time. To answer some questions, the buttons are from Windsor Button in Boston -- give them a call and they'll send you some, I'm sure! The boots I'm wearing are Frye "Campus" boots, an investment I recommend. The hat is a Felicity from the lovely Wanett on Knitology. You know you want one (I've made four and kept two).

While holiday knits continue to cross the finish line, I've had some time to think about all the little guys that are going to be born this spring in the extended circle of my family and friends. One cousin and one cousin-in-law are pregnant, as is a very close family friend. For the family friend's little person, I'm making my first ever Baby Surprise Jacket, in a mod black-and-pink combo I think will really stand out:

That's Blue Moon Socks that Rock Heavyweight in one of the Raven colorways (Grawk?), with accents of Knitpicks Swish Superwash and Classic Elite Waterlily. All machine washable, of course, and the variegated black will hide stains nicely.

Though I won't be having kids of my own (for medical reasons, so no, I won't change my mind), and while I don't like babies in general (there! I said it!), specific babies tend to grow on me, especially when the parents are people who I know will do a bang-up job of it. And these babies need something cool to wear, so that's what I give. Later on Chris and I will be the eccentric aunt/uncle figures for some of these little guys, and I think that will suit us well, too.


andrea said...

So glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like babies and will not be changing their mind on not having them.

Nice yarn choice for the BSJ. I'm making a Feb Lady Sweater for myself out of that same exact colorway. It's so pretty.

Michele said...

i that's going to be a great baby jacket - pink and black very hip. and i think you'll make a fantastic aunt - eccentric or not.

nicole said...

I'm also in the "eccentric aunt" camp. In my case, it's totally a choice. One that isn't always easy for others to understand (I don't know how many times I get the "but you'd be a great mother"), but I'm learning to be at peace with it and own it.

That will be one cool babe!

Nettie said...

All kids need eccentric aunts and uncles! They help pay for art classes and take them on trips that would kill the rest of their parents brain cells :D

I love the color combo on your baby knit. My littlest girl could totally pull that off!

btw, I don't like babies either. I like my own children (most of the time), but I tend to stay away from other peoples.

craftivore said...

BSJ's are addictive, beware.

I want an eccentric knitting auntie too.

Lael said...

No sweat about the babies comment. Doesn't it seem ridiculous that there is some assumption everyone should pop one (or more) out?

I definitely fall into the eccentric aunt category as well. My nieces, nephew and I watch "arrested development" every saturday night and play pranks on the neighbors in the summer.

Love your work.