Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Surprise, Surprise!

The top jacket is the one pictured at the Detroit Metro Airport, now complete with horn buttons for the hunting baby.

The other two were requests from my mom for a set of twins. I put quite a bit of thought into how to make them sex-specific but not cliche, and similar but not identical. Most of the yarn is from my stash, as are the buttons. I struggled to mail these; I liked having them around and admiring them.


ann_smith said...

Love the jackets - so not baby!

sue said...

Those jackets are just adorable and I love the bright colors too.

Aline said...

I love how you used colour to re-invent these classics.
Horn buttons! Too cute.
Very cool.

KT said...

Aren't these fun? I'm on my third one in a row. Love the colors you picked.

craftivore said...

Not that's a lot of BSJs! They are awesome. I particularly love the twins versions. I'm all about baby things that aren't "baby" colors.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Great colors-and great pattern!
Love especially the horn buttons.