Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Between

is where I get my knitting done these days. I have a big train-bus commute to the New Job (which is officially going "fine," but I would be lying if I said I weren't having some trouble adjusting, including a moment yesterday where I ran into a few coworkers in the kitchen and said, "I just need more work to do, you know? Do you have any work for me to do? Because I can't work like this. I need work to do. What can I do?"). So I call the commute "Ann's Knitting Factory."

Behold, 4 sleeves for baby jackets, displayed by the first shoots of our brand-new flower boxes! It's my own design, to be released in the fall. One pair of sleeves for the baby gift, one pair for the sample.

And a pair of booties, the shower gift for the same baby. I think the sole looks like an eyeball. I love it.

Ann's Knitting Factory is opening up a lot of possibilities for me. I believe I'll be able to have the collection I desire ready to publish in September... hopefully 7 patterns in e-book or magazine format. Reasonably priced. And TOTALLY UNDER MY CONTROL. I don't want to disparage publishing in magazines and books AT ALL, but there comes a point where I want full control over my yarn, my models, my photos, my layout, all of it, 100% what I want. It's coming.


andrea said...

how exciting! if you need a test knitter, i will gladly help!

Elizabeth said...

Andrea, that's what I was going to say!

hannah said...

Me too Ann - always looking for something to do!

What kinds of plants are those?

Moan said...

Can't wait! :-)

craftivore said...

Ann's Knitting Factory, love it! The booties are great and the sole interest is perfect since what people are looking at is the bottom of babies feet most of the time and the baby will like it too.

Rainy Daisy said...

Self-published knitting rocker! You need some heavy-metal theme music.