Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some Scarves for You!

Lookit! I just got my copy of the new book, Simple Hip Knit Scarves, and I have two designs inside. Look, that's one of them rolled up on the green background (love this photo). Both are simple, stripey things, perfect to knit for gifts or for yourself. Stormy Weather, below, took me all of 2 days to knit. It has a bumpy, reversible stripe pattern and fringe, and it's super long! I love that.

The second design is Bryant Park, more of a kerchief than a scarf, meant to be looped or tied as an accent piece... however, wrapped several times, this would be very warm with a winter coat. The stripes on the bias use a slipped-stitch pattern, so you only use one yarn in a given row and, though it's knit on small (US 4) needles, it move along quickly. The pattern is both written and charted.

Enjoy! I got my samples back and am wearing them all the time!


Smallest Friend said...

I love the look of Stormy Weather. Lovely!

andrea said...

very awesome! i've been thinking a lot about scarves lately.

Amy said...

I like the little dapper, stripey one in particular.

Karen said...

dapper and stripey would fit perfectly in a stocking!

craftivore said...

Do the Weaverknits patterns ever stop coming? Congratulations! Love Bryant Park in particular.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Oh yes, very nice. :)
I am nearly finished with my Albers squares cowl from your book. I'll send a photo when it's complete.