Thursday, March 17, 2011

Interim Activity

Thanks to all of you who expressed your sympathy about my grandma. I just returned from Michigan and am attempting to return to some sort of routine, which is not easy.

While I take stock of all the copyediting and designing work that needs to be done, here are a few photos from the new book, Simply Circular, which includes a new design and a re-issue of one of my earlier designs.

The Aurora Shrug: Super easy; includes underarm gussets for ease of movement. I'll be wearing this one a LOT this spring. Worked in Manos Silk Blend, niiiiiice. The editor picked the colors, which are even more dramatic than what I suggested in my submission--I love that!

Here's a photo of me wearing it:

Bohemian Rhapsody: Originally published in Circular Knitting Redefined, this version is also worked in Berroco Peruvia, a warm, durable wool available in a fabulous range of colors. It's the same yarn I used for the Johnny Rotten Jacket, and, interestingly, I knit these two within weeks of each other. For two different publishers. Peruvia: The Yarn for Jackets with Lapels.


Ann Smith said...

I love both designs and can't wait for the new book. Well, I can wait as I have just cast on the Silhouette cardigan from the first book, and I'm swatching Nieman.

Sonia said...

I really love your Aurora Shrug ! It seems so cosy :-) And it can be worn with so many different clothes.
I love it !