Thursday, March 31, 2011

Black hoodie, orange, scotch.

I have a new profile illustration, thanks to Andrew Kolb. Be sure to check out his stuff, but only if you like FUN. I traded Andrew a customized hat for the illustration, a hat that, because the pattern will be published this fall, I cannot yet show you. Craft for craft barter, hooray!

And hey, if you want to read more about me, or want to read thoughtful, informative reviews of new knitting books, check out The Knitting Scholar. I had a chance to meet Deb in New Jersey, and she reviewed my book (and was kind enough to include my lengthy responses to the a list of questions she sent me).


Aline said...

very cute. I want one too!

hannah said...

Nice going, Ann! By the way, I read part of one of your responses as "athletic unicorns" - a very different source of inspiration!

jsdknits said...

I love the new you!
By the way, did you watch the bike race in Flanders (I think) yesterday?

craftivore said...

Love the illustration! Heading over the check out Andrew Kolb's work and your interview.