Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tax and Hotpad Successes

I did it! I filed my taxes to nearly-broke-even results (better than expected for someone who gets a lot of 1099s for random work) AND successfully participated in the POTHOLDER SWAP 2011!

5 hotpads, double-sided. What's odd is that I had to force myself to create something that wasn't at all "work" related. I don't think I would have completed them without my grandma's death, which both rendered me incapable of working on new designs and inspired me to crochet, because she taught me. She was the queen of afghans and taught me to make granny squares when I was 7 or 8. I think she'd be proud.

The pattern: Knowing that I might struggle with the deadline, I went simple with Maurice's Modern Vintage Potholder pattern. However, I did do tiny stitches with a US 1 crochet hook and size 3 crochet cotton! Here they are:

The obverses: Pastels reminiscent of bathrooms with embroidered towels that are not at all absorbent and color stories from recent issues of Interweave Knits.

The reverses: Op art! Eyeballs!

The rings: something Bicycle Boy dug up out of his tool/supply box. Back cog ring spacers or something.

Tags so you know they're from me.

And it's all in the mail, in a repurposed Interweave rejection envelope. Turn that frown upside down, right???


James said...

This post out this song in my head...

Rainy Daisy said...

Ugh. Those damn unabsorbant towels.

potholders = FUN

Karen said...

These remind me of Grandma's kitchen--except for those funky rings and eyeball reverse. GREAT fun!

Sara said...

As someone who has received a rejection envelope from Interweave (two of them), it makes me feel better to know that someone as innovative and brilliant as you has received (at least) one, too! I cannot think of a better way to repurpose that envelope. Those hot pads are gorgeous, too!