Thursday, May 26, 2011

She's Electric: The Retina Scalder Goes Live!

It's knitty surprise time once again, and in the spirit of spring and color theory, here it is:

This is the result of a challenge posed by knitty and Lorna's Laces yarns: I was tasked with "doing my thing" with some highly variegated, super bright yarn, full of different contrasts. If it is not yet clear, my "thing" is creating garments. Sure, it's easy enough to make a variegated hat, or shawl, but what about a sweater? For an adult?

Lorna's Laces chose the colors. They pulled no punches. The yarn arrived, scalding my retinas when I ripped open the packaging ("Retina Scalder" was the project's name while it was in progress). However, driving home from work a few weeks ago, the Oasis song "She's Electric" came on the radio. Which made me think.

I like that song.

It's a great name for this sweater.

I'm particularly pleased with that back detail.

Because really, once the yarn is knit up and on a person, it's not scalding at all. It's stunning. This cardigan is a compliment magnet. And look, no pooling!

It's just as bright as Oranje, but it's knit in one piece from the top down, with a slipped stitch waistband pattern that only uses one color at a time. Color knows no difficulty level.

P.S. For those of you have watched recent seasons of America's Next Top Model, NOT THAT I RECOMMEND IT, my sister (who took these photos) told me to "Smize". Can you tell? I was smizing in that first shot!


WhitMc said...

Fantastic! I am currently tackling my first adult sweater--the Lauren Sweater--and am already addicted to sweater knitting. This may be my next sweater, although Oranje has been calling to me ever since you hinted at it over a year ago.

ami said...

what a great cardi! of course you can take two colors most folks would consider clashing an' make 'em look like they belong together! and yes, the back detail is just that extra sumpin' sumpin'. also, you are so pretty. just gotta say.

Veronica said...

I like it! You're in my queue now ... just have to find a good variegated :)

crgilvr said...

Smizing or not, that's a fantastic photo of you. You're gorgeous!

crgilvr said...

Smizing or not, that's a great photo of you! You're gorgeous and so is the sweater!

Melly Testa said...

Beautiful sweater. Very nice job. Great Smizing.

Felix said...


What a great project and the energy bursting off this post is very refreshing. I love your SMIZING and you are right to be proud of the back detailing.

What a super lovely cardigan!

Sara said...

So beautiful, and just like Oranje, it's going right into my Ravelry queue and being bumped up to the top!

I hope your next Knitty contribution gets placed in with the main issue's patterns and we don't have to wait endlessly for the surprise! This is so gorgeous and innovative, it should be a cover pattern!

diana said...

I love this sweater. Simple yet wonderfully perfect! Excellent!

Ann Smith said...

I just cast on the "Little Brocade Sweater" but this pattern has bumped Silhouette down one in the queue. It's stunning and as always will look great on all shapes, sizes and ages.

Love the name!

Virginia said...

Great job Ann. The colors look great on you. I'm working on Silhouette now but I plan to do this one in the future!