Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have done it. I have designed a triangle shawl. I've made a bunch of these, all improvised, and finally received enough requests for a pattern for this one that I reknit it, with a few changes, and wrote down the instructions. I even got my friend Amy's cute boyfriend David to wear it for photographs, because unisex triangle shawls seem to be all the rage lately.

The zig-zag yarnover pattern on this one is geometric rather than lacy, so I think it works.

The yarn is Studio Sock from Neighborhood Fiber Co., which is crisp and bright. The shawl takes about 300 yards of the main color and about 130 yards of the contrasting color, so you can make it with leftovers. Several test knitters are finishing up versions in other indie yarns, so I'll be posting photos of those, too. Though I generally prefer to design sweaters and more epic things, it's cool to make a pattern that will show off all the variously colored hand-dyed yarns out there.

Want to make one? The pdf is available for $5 right here. Summer knitting at its simplest.


Anonymous said...

I love the zig zags!! They're going to make this pattern really stand out from all the others.

Kathleen Lawton-Trask said...

Gorgeous! Love the color combination, and the fact that this isn't a fussy shawl.

Karen said...

Oh yes, This is a versatile piece. Interesting how feminine and masculine it can be. THANK YOU!

Karen said...

Masculine and feminine and incredibly versatile. I love this.

WhitMc said...

Oh my gosh, it is perfect! Congratulations!