Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pictures of Ann in Pajamas

Remember my hand pain? Well, it's continued and has gotten worse over the past few months. I've been afraid to talk about it much, because everything I do for work involves my wrists—all the typing, the formatting, the knitting—all of it. I finally went to a specialist, who determined that I have cubital tunnel syndrome.

Which is a RELIEF. It's treatable. More specifically, it's treatable with this:

A brace in two sections! I wear the wrist/hand section while I work AND while I sleep, and wear the entire contraption while I sleep. It's totally stiff. It's taking some getting used to.

It's not slowing down the knitting, however. Here's one of my recent square shawl examples, first spread out to show off:

Then as worn:

The orange yarn is Zauberwiese sock yarn in Fruchtcocktail and the Institutional Green is hand-dyed by ME in Karida's class. Spaced-out look and pajama outfits courtesy of a bad head cold. Want to learn to make this square shawl and others? Check out my classes in the previous post!


Jamie said...

Oh no! At least it's treatable. The shawl is beautiful!

cookalotje said...

What a relief that the wrist pain is a treatable thing! I think the shawl is cute and I'm now a little more relieved that the spaced out headcold look is apparently hip! *atchoo*

Mneme said...

oh - it looks terrible and limiting! Hope it heals quite fast!

WhitMc said...

I want that square shawl pattern! Come to California, please!

Salty Miss Jill said...

Yikes! And wow! And I hope you heal soon! xoj