Tuesday, July 10, 2012

While I Was Out: ColorKnits

The second of the patterns that came out while I was on vacation is in Interweave Knits' eMag, ColorKnits. The result is an article about using complimentary colors and a pattern for a simple modular cowl. This magazine is AWESOME—my article is interactive if you have an iPad! It's like taking a mini-color theory class with me! It was so cool to be part of this issue.

And they had an awesome-looking woman model the cowl.

Note how I made purple the dominant color but got some yellow in there, too! I would be wearing this with a yellow jacket or sweater—or perhaps this new hoodie from Germany:

This was on CLEARANCE! Can you believe it???


Lee said...

Welcome back, Ann. The new hoodie is so you. :)

Karen said...

Fishing Lure comes to mind :)

Salty Miss Jill said...

Purple and yellow: one of my favorite color combinations!