Monday, March 4, 2013

Contest winner and my new neighborhood!

Congrats to Robyn! You have won a copy of Woodsmoke & Ash! Send your address to Andrea at!

In other news, we are less than a month away from closing on a HOUSE in Baltimore. Life is changing so quickly these days; lately it seems that when I'm not working I'm handling some huge life decision. Routine tasks punctuated by first-ever decisions! Deleting commas, gathering paperwork for final mortgage approval! Editing questions about homeowners insurance, getting proof of homeowners insurance!

Our new house in is the Penn North neighborhood. The other day I walked from our current apartment through Penn North to go to the Target at Mondawmin. I got some great photos.

A few blocks down on North Avenue (check out how bowed that building is!):

North Avenue, around the corner from our street:

In the next block of North Avenue, there's been some awesome rehabbing:

A tavern/package store in Druid Heights, south of Penn North, with owners that are really serious. I loitered only briefly to get the photo:

Our street is better maintained. Here it is!

And here's our HOUSE!

Inside photos coming soon! I love Baltimore!!! 


Barb said...

My daughter will be moving to Baltimore in July. She is doing her second pathology fellowship at Johns Hopkins and her husband will be doing his radiology fellowship at U of Maryland. They will be looking for a rental unit for a year. I am excited to visit them when they get settled. (Your mom and I were classmates all through school so say Hi to her from me.)

green butterfly said...

Dear Ann, I'm so glad your loving your new city and that you have found a house---that was quick! You know a Weaverknits Grellow front door would look great with the brick!!! Jennifer

Lee said...

So exciting!!!

craftivore said...

Your photos make the neighborhood look cheerful even when the windows are missing. Your row house is terribly cute, may it be filled with health and happiness for you and your hubby. I love the "stay away" signs, they are unbelievably awesome. Congratulations on your new city, folks from Baltimore are very devoted to it so it must be a good place.

Rainy Daisy said...

Ohhh it's so beautiful! I love the brick! Congrats to you and Chris :)

Alicia Landi said...

Congrats on all the big life things!

firesheep67 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Looks very inspiring! :D