Sunday, April 14, 2013

Negative Balance in My Savings Account

One of the most recent requests from the mortgage people was a letter explaining the negative balance in my savings account. (Obviously we have not closed on the house yet.) Not only do I not have a negative balance in my savings account, it's IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE A NEGATIVE BALANCE IN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT.

When Chris and I set out to be homeowners in Baltimore City, we didn't anticipate what that would mean. I feel like I've been run over. I FEEL like I have a negative balance in my savings account, because wouldn't that be an awful feeling? Not only having no savings, but actually owing your savings account money?

The bright spot in this has been a last-minute trip to Stitches South.

There was Red Bull. There was Sarah from Cephalopod Yarns. And books. And working in the Neighborhood Fiber Co. booth. Nice Southern knitters. Learning about designing for warmer climates.
Speaking of Neighborhood Fiber Co., Karida, the artist behind the colors, has been working on the Baltimore Satelite Reef, doing everything from planning the installation to teaching middle schoolers to crochet. You can read more here, and if you have a few extra dollars to support community arts, there's a kickstarter page here. If there's a place for kickstarter, I think it's community arts. And the reef is going to be great. It's even got a little piece from me (not nearly as cool as the pieces a lot of those kids made, though).
And my cats miss me. When they sit like this, they're usually staring at me as I sit at our only table and work in front of the computer. They're my quality assurance department.
The gray suitcase behind them is Stuff I Have Given the Mortgage People (and my ball winder). Time to get home and add to that pile!


Eline said...

That is definitely a case of Ockham's kaleidoscope - a total abandon of reason.

indigoeddy said...

I feel for you. There is nothing like strangers going through your life with a fine tooth comb deciding if you are worthy enough. Sending good thoughts your way.

stefanie g-r said...

I see you were lucky enough to catch a Nick Cave show from this tour! Hope all of the un-fun stuff gets sorted out and you can close in your house soon. Thanks for sharing the kickstarter link, I love supporting fiber arts projects on there!

green butterfly said...

Dear Ann, I thought we would have to give the lenders our first born when we bought our first house---hang in there. Don't give em the ball winder, it's not worth it!! Jennifer