Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thoughts about Spring Knitting

Since I was old enough to choose my own clothes, I've had difficulty finding items I really like to wear in the warmer months. Usually I wear the same items that I wear in the fall and winter, minus the tights and hoodies and sweaters. Now that I work from home, when I'm not wearing my jammies I wear a variation of the same two or three outfits every day. If you've met me more than once, you know this. If you haven't, look for me. I'll be the one in the dropped-crotch pants or knee-length skirt, boots, hoodie, and handknit shawl.

This is true more than ever now that I'm living out of a single box of clothes in our temporary Baltimore apartment. No, haven't closed on the house yet.

Because I'm living in a warmer climate now, I'm designing some warm-weather knits. The first, knit in Miss Babs Yet and Habu Silk Stainless, is the Weathered Pullover:

Yet is a blend of Merino and tussah silk, so it's great for warm weather. As soon as I swatched it I knew I wanted to use it for a garment. I like using yarns that are more obviously suited to shawls for garments because I like fine yarns but hate knitting complicated lace. It's also a bargain. So much yardage for the price.

The pullover is reversible; you can wear the translucent panel created by the silk stainless as the back:

Or as the front (check out the skirt; it's one of my five favorite garments, purchased in Berlin in 2003):

Or you can omit it and work the panel in the same yarn used for the other side.

Interested? You can read more about the design here, and you can purchase the pdf pattern for $6.

I leave you with a picture of the Official City Pen of Baltimore.

Okay, not official, but these things are EVERYWHERE.


Snorka said...

I like your new design! Especially the part with the stainless steel yarn looks very interesting. And it would surely be suitable for the sometimes very warm weather in Stuttgart...
Cheers! Snorka

Elsabeth said...

love your new haircut/color! summers are made for mohawks, I think.

Melissa said...

Just stumbled on the blog from, uh, another blog. Rabbit hole sort of a morning.

In any case, I'm in Baltimore as well (Charles Village). Welcome to our odd, wonderful, frustrating, maddening, beautiful city.