Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weaverknits Yellow Pages Search FAILS!

Nope, don't have a house yet, but I feel like we're getting closer. Last week I got an email from the mortgage people that said "CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

But then it said, "you have been approved with these remaining conditions," followed by a list. The list was short, but one of the requests was for an explanation of why the Yellow Pages search for my two businesses, Weaverknits and Ann Weaver the freelance copyeditor, failed to produce any results.

Short answer: Because it is not 1970. This is my office at home (also the only three pieces of furniture in our current apartment, a table and two chairs):

But this is also my office in a hotel room (note the shockingly not bad Wine Cube in the foreground; I was unwinding):

Look closely at the knitting on the left. It's a new design some of you may have seen this weekend. Coming soon!!!

I replicate this office wherever I go: family and friends' houses, hotels, coffee shops. My businesses consist of me, at least one computer, and a few knitting projects. Where would I list such a thing in the yellow pages?

Also not in the yellow pages: The Baltimore Satellite Reef! The opening was Friday, and the exhibition is up through June 28.

The bleached reef plus angry painted turtle:

Blues and greens (a few pieces from me are in this shot; I ended up crocheting like crazy the week before the show. It's addictive and cathartic):


Check it out if you're in the Baltimore area! And cross your fingers for me and the home buying nightmare!!!


KnittingKnerd said...

I was reading a couple of your posts because I just bought the saturation shawl pattern from Verdant Gryphon at sheep and wool today. Your patterns are really gorgeous! I'm so excited to knit the shawl.

Also, I'm sorry you're having to jump through so many hoops to buy your house, but welcome to Baltimore anyway!

Spiffypaws said...

I was a mortgage loan officer for 15 years, and experienced issues like this many times. Provide them with a link to your blog. They are prob. trying to verify that you haven't forged your tax returns, surely your blog and published work is proof. How frustrating this must be!!

Oona said...

Though you're having major frustrations in homebuying, I still am green with envy: you live in Baltimore. You design stunningly quirky knits that could only come from a city that is home to AVAM and Cafe Hon. Stand firm! You are breaking trail for a new generation of creative entrepreneurs. The mortgage company is just going to have to learn to adjust.

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

LOVE the reef! I might get to see it later this month if I am lucky.
Indignant on your behalf about the Yellow Pages request--it'd be kind of funny if it weren't holding up your mortgage.

craftivore said...

That is the most ridiculous thing I've heard, surely still in the dark ages of bureaucracy.