Sunday, December 2, 2007

Impressed, humbled, and cold

First of all, it's been so much fun to read everyone's comments about knitting; I found a bit of myself and my own motivations in each voice. I'm constantly impressed by knitters, in general.

The photo to the right is the "Scarf with Striped Border" from Victorian Lace Today. Yes, it is Christmas knitting, but the recipient does not do the interwebs, so it's safe. I started off with the notion of doing a more complex project from the book, began said project twice, seriously fouled it up twice, got cross and snappy with Chris for about an hour, had a beer, and realized that I should just start something easier, something that will be fast and enjoyable. Aside from the big round "Janet" shawl (a Knitpicks pattern) I haven't knit lace. And that one was round and knit with two strands on big, big needles.

Humility. Let me learn to knit lace and enjoy the learning. This is make with Misti Alpaca laceweight (cheap! soft!) on #6 Addi Turbo Lace Needles (hey, if I'm going to learn to knit lace, I'm not going to put myself through the added torture that comes with not having the best tools!). So far, so good.

And I've been WEAVING! It's almost done... Finnish Bird's Eye pattern! Habu! I look forward to much, much more in the new year.

Oh, and I've been cold for days on end. Drafty apartment and classic ectomorph body type. I just ordered one of these. Photos to come? You bet.


Michele said...

learning to knit lace is not that easy. i did a *lot* of frogging and swearing the first time i tried. actually i gave up a few times. but it's like any motor learning once you've got it you've got it.

the green is a gorgeous color. and i love misti lace weight alpaca - i'd knit with it any day.

KGLO said...

It makes me so happy that people still weave in this world - my mom has this amazing little (well, not that little) loom in her closet from the 70s when she made big coats for people. Makes me want to go home and ask her to teach me how to use it for the twentieth time.

Speaking of going home, I told Hannah we should go to the Penguin sometime around Christmas. You game?

Also....lace. Ugh. I still haven't made the humble decision to frog the stupidlacescarf. Something in me makes me think I can still fix it. Who am I kidding?

Anyway. Cheers :)

Salty Miss Jill said...

Yet again, I am inspired. :)