Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Weavers Wear Holiday Handknits

Here it is... the fruit of much secretive labor over the past two months:

A two-tone ribbed shrug for Beth from Fitted Knits, Neiman for my mom (it came out perfectly when I followed my own directions for size C, which is encouraging!) and a Cobblestone Pullover for the Dud made from Aracunia Nature Wool.

I'm still in Michigan, but am shipping up to Boston later this afternoon so I can return to work tomorrow. Details and closeups of the projects to come when I get back. Hope everyone is relaxed and knitting things for personal use!

Beth is so photogenic.


Telmah said...

Congrats on all the gifts! They look very well-received and appreciated, and your family is so cute!

A Homely Heroine said...

Wow, great knitting. The shrug looks very elegant, and the Neiman sweater looks beautiful in that colour combination.

Btw, its fascinating following your hair metamorphosing, its positively yellow - tres fun.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

What a great photograph. Everyone looks beautiful and happy.

Now I have to find a way to knit a Neiman. Never mind that the last sweater I knit was finished in 2003. Colorwork makes me intensely happy, and your charts for this particular piece are fun and funky and just plain energetic. Wonderful.

I really wonder how I can clone myself. One me could knit for my business and one could knit all the things which inspire me. Like Neiman.

Happy holiday season, may you and your loved ones experience happiness, health and abundance this year and always.

LynnH in Lansing

Elinor said...

What beautiful hand knits!! I'm sure your family was thrilled!

Michele said...

what a beautiful family! and the knits are amazing. i love your mom's neiman. and i can't believe you knit all this for christmas and likely without the help of elves too.

Gitte Jensen said...

What lovely things you have made for Christmas. I'm knitting Neiman nr. 2, but are considering another ending - whick I hope is OK ;-) I have worn no. one a lot and love the waisteline in the sweater. Think it going to be my "basic pattern". Happy new year.

Gitte from Denmark

Macoco said...

That is an amazing amount of knitting you did for your family! They are a lucky group :)

knititch said...

a close knit family? well well i had to. great gifts i dare say.

Sula said...

Your mother is quite photogenic, too! Your knits look great!!