Friday, January 4, 2008

It's go time!

New designs are coming when the "Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns" is on the couch, opened to the "Sizing: Child" section. "Sizing: Adult" begins at a 36-inch bust. I have things to say about this, but I'll refrain for today.

The socks next to the book are for my mom, almost completed, made of Colinette Jitterbug in "Slate". Yes, I've heard the complaints, the complaints about knots, and fading, and the fact that colors vary widely from skein to skein, regardless of dye lot, and, of course, the cost. I had no knots in my skein, but the socks have patterned very differently, and I only used one skein. One is seriously brighter than the other, so two socks from two skeins could be a disaster, unless you're into fraternal twin accessories. As for the cost, I was able to make two medium-height women's socks, size 9, from one skein, but anything taller or larger would need two. And then you encounter the fraternal twin thing after putting over $40 into the project. Hey, I report, you decide if the entrancing colors and kooshy softness are worth it.

However, you could make this hat from one skein. Tempting!

And last, I offer you some details on one of my Christmas projects: Dud's Cobblestone Pullover (there are better photos on my Flikr album... see the right sidebar). The Pattern: Easy, flattering, manly. The Yarn: Nature Wool in color 44. A lot of work, winding skeins and learning the character of each (there's not even the notion of a dye lot here... I purchased a full bag and it looks like it came out of one big pot, and all the skeins had been sitting in different parts of the pot, and not really stirred about) and then planning which skeins to use for which portions and how to alternate them to get a relatively cohesive body and sleeves (fraternal twin sleeves, no thank you) and a yoke with higher contrast. I love it. I'd do it again. If you can find the Nature Wool, it's likely on sale, I got mine MAD CHEAP at Little Knits, where I noticed it's now out of stock. It's soft yet wooly, without any of the plasticky feel of Cascade 220 or other cheaper wools. Highly recommended!

Before I head out to do some yarn shopping (seriously, that's where I'm going: Windsor Button and Yarns in the Farms, which has a big sale this weekend!), check out this link: I got my Parfait 3 in the mail the other day and plan on ordering many for friends!


Anonymous said...

It drives me insane that whenever I use The Knitter's Handy Book Of Sweater Patterns, I have to remember to go to the kids section if I want it to fit.

Michele said...

you are too funny with your things to say about adults and 36 inch chests. believe me if i could trade for smaller i would!

the slate sock looks killer. the price, also killer.

Rebecca said...

Ah, it must be the same aggravation I feel when the really cute adult patterns call the 36 inch bust an XL :)

Jamie said...

Hmm, I didn't know that about that book (which I have on my wish list). My bust measures 35! And I'm actually not a particularly small person...I just don't carry any weight anywhere along my rib cage.

Ah, I probably want the book anyway. But the world really has gone insane if I need a child's size.

And you're right, Rebecca, a 36-inch bust isn't an XL, either--except in cases of extreme negative ease. :-)

Nancy said...

Have you been weaving lately? I liked your Finnish Bird's eye!