Saturday, January 19, 2008

Excellent New Cardigan

A while ago I bought a full bag of Schoeller / Stahl "Excellent," a rather nice wool/acrylic/alpaca blend, from Elann for about $25. It's been in the yarn room for some time. In the interest of making new stuff from my existing yarn pile, I started a cardigan based on one in the Rowan Ribbon Twist collection.

The yellow is roving that I dyed especially for this project. The dye is Cushing's acid dye, purchased from Crown Mountain Farms, which I heartily endorse for their amazing service and crazy great Sock Hop sock yarn. Yeah, I have some in the stash... you can get some too on February 4! Check out their web page!

I can't get this yellow color off my mind, expecially when paired with grey. I couldn't find the yarn I envisioned, so I made it. And it's perfect. The pieces are steam-blocked and ready to sew up. I'll be wearing it Monday with my NEW HAIR!!!


kiki said...

perfect look - and also new glasses?
i´m loooking forward to more photos =)
happy sunday!

A Homely Heroine said...

nice, very nice!

Michele said...

great color pairing. have a happy new sweater Monday.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Baby chick! Very pretty.
I totally covet your frames. :)

Gitte Jensen said...

Looking forward to see the pictures of the sweater. I'm sure it will look great on you.