Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who makes my day?

[2217276217_bf2e8a2057_o.jpg]Holy cow, I'm a winner! I won an award, twice! Now I have to pass it on!

First, thanks to Gitte and Knitography, who honored me with this award. Now, who has made my day?

1. Good Knits Road. She makes the most unbelievable sock. I mean, she made socks based on the album art from the most recent Morrissey album. That's just crazy! And awesome.

2. Craft Pirate. Look at her most recent sweater!

3. Knitspot. Always an inspiration. I would like to age into Anne Hanson. Anne Hanson can age into someone else fantastic while I slowly take over her identity.

4. The Runcible Bin. All manner of craftiness, with gorgeous pictures nearly daily.

5. Knitsane. Intelligent thoughts on fashion. Lovely photos. And HABU knits!

WHEW!!! Okay, I'll save my next five nominations for my next post, because that actually took a lot of thought and I'm pooped. Why? Because I've been working on this this weekend, and boy does it take forever:

Latvian mitten: 11 stitches per inch on #0 needles; four colors. Hours and hours. Better pictures soon!


Mrs. Lear said...

Gorgeous! These are going to be beautiful and strong and warm!

choo choo knits said...

You've been TAGGED - hope you join in the fun!

Michele said...

oh such mittens of beauty. truly gorgeous and worth all the hours and hours.

thank you so much for the Makes My Day award. i've not been blogging as much lately on fashion but i will get back to it.

Gitte Jensen said...

Looks beautiful!

A Homely Heroine said...

Those are beautiful mittens, I like the darker section especially. Your cardigan is also fab, and your green sack hat! I am actually going to buy the pattern this week.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Spectacular mitten, thanks for that wonderful photo.

Macoco said...

Ooooh thank you! :)

Your mitten is so pretty. Beautiful color choices as always. The little bit of black gives all the pink/cream more depth. I love it.

anNu said...

Thank you for You Make Your Day award. I'm honored!

Latvian mitten looks very very beautiful.

Rani said...

I can't wait to see these mittens finished! They are stunning!