Monday, May 5, 2008

New York CITY!!!

This is how exciting it was for mom, even just to be on the bus the first day. When I lived in New York I eschewed the bus as being slow and unbearably frustrating in traffic. Now I appreciate watching New York pass by as I look out the window.

Okay, so Beth looks a little confused, but I think it's the result of the amazing feast before us: Chicken and waffles and sweet potato pancakes, along with grits (cropped out of the photo, sorry) and bloody marys at Melba's in Harlem. Melba herself let us in and greeted everyone. I was kind of starstruck and made my usual ridiculous blissed out face (remember the Norah Gaughan picture with me? Wow).

During our miles and miles of walking, we encountered the Hydroponic Coral Reef in the Broadway Windows at 10th and Broadway, which is, interestingly, an NYU dorm building where I lived my freshman year and ALMOST DID NOT MAKE IT. I am not one for dorm living... I moved out to an apartment in Sunnyside, Queens for the rest of my years in NYC.

And yes, there was some knitting... I got quite a bit of sock done while waiting for a salad at a small cafe in Soho. Oh! Oh! And I'm wearing the Tempest sweater that I've been wearing for months but haven't been able to post photos of! See how nice it looks in the wild? Anyway, for this lunch experience the three Weavers ordered three salads, which took 45 minutes to come from the kitchen, despite the fact that there were only two other customers in the joint. Oh, and one of the salads was not the salad we ordered. But they were so delicious that it was okay, just sort of sad, performance-wise, for the cafe.

Yes, there is some new yarn. Yes, I have been knitting other stuff around here, and some will be revealed soon. Meantime, I'm TIRED! I'll likely be at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool this coming Sunday, so shoot me an email if you'll be there!

And the next weekend Chris and I will be in Brimfield, MA for THE SHOW. It's our first time. I mean, wow. Wow.


Emily said...

I work so close to the coral reef right now, but I haven't made myself walk over there to see it yet. Maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow! Great to see Tempest in the wild - I am really excited to knit it. Congrats on another great Knitty pattern, btw.

hannah said...

Is that scarf you're wearing from H&M? Because I'm pretty sure I have that exact same scarf.

hannah said...

Strike that, I just blew up the photos and it is not the same at all. Don't mind me!

meegiemoo said...

Holy cow, I think we're knitting the same socks.

Macoco said...

Have fun at Brimfield! It's pretty cool and can be a bit overwhelming - but definitely worth the trek. When you get off the pike in Sturbridge there's a yarn store about a mile down on the right. It's pretty new but has a nice selection. Also - after that (on the left) there's the Wrights factory store and that has an assortment of craft stuff too.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Now this looks exactly like my idea of A Good Time. :) Oh the places you go, the pople you stars.
You are so lovely in that sweater!

craftivore said...

Rats, I was at NHSW on Saturday, so I missed you. NYC looks like a good time. I saw the article in the NYT about the coral reef and would have been interested in seeing it in person, it's nice that you came across it. The cardi, the salad, the socks, they all look yummy.