Monday, September 8, 2008

New York City Tour, 2008

Guess where I was this past Saturday? In Brooklyn visiting Stacey Joy of Red Lipstick and purchasing some fabulous things from her boutique, including stretch cotton leggings that look exactly like sprayed-on skinny jeans as long as the crotchal area is covered. Seriously. Come "casual Friday" this week I'll have some photos. See here for photographic evidence of my visit.

Yes, I am always that ridiculous.

Here we are, in our striped outfits:

There was knitting, but it's all presents for people who read this. It may seem like I don't make anything lately, but that's not the case, really. For now, ANIMAL EYES!!! I purchased these glass eyes at a store called Evolution in Soho, and we all tried them on while drinking beer yesterday afternoon:




leethal said...

oh my god that last photo of you with the eyes is SO creepy-tastic! love it!

granny said...

hahaha, those eyeballs are almost a little scary!

staceyjoy said...

Thanks for visiting, Ann!

nicole said...

I may NEVER sleep again.