Monday, September 22, 2008

Sick Day

Oh man, really, really not feeling well today... it sneaked up on me during what was supposed to be a long bike ride yesterday, cut short by my stomach issues. As I hung out in the bathroom of a service station we passed on our way back to the car, Chris made a small friend:

It seems he lives behind or within the station.

From my prone position yesterday I finished up something I've been planning for a while... a new pattern... or rather, blueprint for a pattern.

Remember the SCARF? Well, since cowls, scarves, and chunky knits are still very much the thing, I decided to write down everything I learned about knitting with roving and broomsticks and illustrate it with tons of photos so that anyone who's interested can make their own SCARF or COWL.

Seriously, I made the COWL this afternoon and it took about 45 minutes. What a present, right?

Enjoy! You can find the 10-page tutorial with instructions for both SCARF and COWL here for $3.00.

Hopefully it's back to the Job tomorrow. Until then, it's Law and Order reruns, lots of water, and some mindless round and round knitting.


andrea said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who watches Law and Order reruns when home sick =)

Feel better! I love the roving cowl-scarf!

Andrea (knittingbybicycle)

nicole said...

Tummy troubles suck! Hope you get better real soon!

Zaz said...

very pretty, again you surprised me.