Friday, July 3, 2009

Dishcloth Army and Good Reads

Behold, the Dishcloth Army, including A Round One! A relaxed brainless knitting spell can be seen as a head start on holiday and birthday knitting.

Below, some good reads. One of my current projects is to read all of the Man-Booker Prize winners (hence The Sea and Amsterdam). I got the inspiration from Meg, who reads the Man-Booker prize short list every year.

If you make things, I highly recommend Shop Class as Soulcraft; it's a practical investigation into the inherent value of working with one's hands to make and maintain physical objects. Think mechanics and steelworkers. I put knitting in the same category, with the unfortunate difference that it is not possible to make a living by handknitting alone as one can by welding or, say, baking bread. In any case, read it. Then pass it on.

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Lisa said...

The discloths are cute! Those look like some good reads to put on my list. I just finished Snuff which I liked a lot, though not as much as some of his other stuff.