Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How tired do you have to be

to knit the second sleeve of one of your own designs (the pattern for which has been fully written, test knit, and tech edited, by the way) with a smaller-sized needle than the rest of the sweater?

And not notice that the sleeve you produce is FAR TOO SMALL? Like 2/3 the size of the other sleeve THAT YOU ARE MEASURING THE SECOND SLEEVE AGAINST AS YOU KNIT? Until you are wet blocking the pieces to sew them together?

I suppose the fact that I caught this before stitching it together and trying to get my Dud to model it next week is a good thing.

Plan for next week: Sleeve. Family visit. Photos of The Dud in New Sweater. New Weaverknits pattern!

Until then, new hair and a big plain Pi Shawl out of Evilla 8/2 yarn from Wollsucht that I can't possibly mess up, right?


Mrs. Lear said...

Oh I've been there! Have you read "Shop Class as Soulcraft"? You are one of the people I think of when I read it.

Kym said...

Oh. Love the hair! Fierce!

I made an unintentional mobius out of my last sweater and didn't notice for far, far too long. So I don't think you have to be all that tired. Unfortunately.

Salty Miss Jill said...

That color looks great on you. All of them!

craftivore said...

Whoa, harsh. Apply a margarita and call me in the morning.