Monday, November 9, 2009

Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!

I will be presenting a new design at the Common Cod Fiber Guild local fibers arts runway show this Friday! I can say that with confidence now that the design is drying in the other room after a good final steam block. Whew! If you live in the Boston area, tickets are $5 if you're not a guild member; here's some more information.

In addition, I'll be strutting down the runway in at least one knit design (is it done, Rebecca?). I promise a post filled with fierce photos on Saturday.

Until then, here are a few photos of our new apartment. We live next door to a grellow house!

Here's the thrift store hutch Bicycle Boy restored, all stocked up and ready for use as our bar:

Yes, that is an educational model of a human ear on top. Among other things. Here's Bicycle Boy's shop, set up on our landing:

The selling point of the new apartment was its huge deck. Chinaski is taking full advantage of it already.

Knitting soon. Sleepy time now!


Erin Wallace said...

The hutch is Gorgeous! Congratulations on the move!

KGLO said...

Wow! I LOVE the hutch! We'll be in the Boston area sometime in January, I think...maybe we'll bring you a bottle of something to keep in that gorgeous piece of furniture :)

can't wait to see photos of the show!

Emily said...

Good luck at the show!! Having seen Rebecca's sketch, I can't wait to see how her garment turned out, and yours. I'm sure you'll both rock the show. :-)

e said...

Adorable hutch!

craftivore said...

Have fun at the show! I can't make it down this time since my sister will be in town and we will be drinking champers.